Why Do We Broker Some Jewelry?

Why do we broker some jewelry? 1860'sRingWith everyone selling gold and silver these days, we occasionally get a piece that we won’t make an offer on and instead offer to broker it.

Why do we do this? Partly, we do it to get you a better price for an item, and partly because we hate to see some pieces just melted down. We broker an item by taking the jewelry to multiple estate buyers and returning with the item and the best offer. These are companies that buy for reselling an item rather than scrapping the jewelry for metal content. Since we have a definite offer on an item that is over scrap value, we have a guaranteed sale, and we take a smaller commission.

What types of jewelry do we broker? We are looking for older, vintage or antique items, larger high quality diamonds and precious gemstones and signed designer pieces. Most newer designer pieces are not what the estate companies are looking for, as they are not rare enough yet.

If you have some older pieces you’d like to sell, we have a good idea what our estate companies are looking for, so we can broker your items for you, get better than scrap value, and save the life of your vintage jewelry.

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