Making the Cut, or Not


Making the Cut...or Not We see a good number of people who need their rings cut off their fingers. If you leave a ring on all the time you run the risk of getting it stuck on your finger and it getting so worn that gemstones will fall out.

Getting a ring cut off from your finger is no fun and damages the ring. A ring that is too tight can also damage your finger.

Here is a nifty trick if you get a ring stuck on your finger. Take some elastic fabric, similar to respirator straps or the elastic used for sweatpants and wrap it tightly around the finger from the outside of the knuckle to the ring. Feed the end through the ring and pull the fabric from the inside of the ring while rotating the ring over the knuckle. This works well if the ring is a little too tight or if the finger is swollen from an injury. Check it out here.

If that doesn't work or if the ring has been worn so long that the knuckle has swollen you'll have to have it cut off. Your best bet to do this is your jeweler. We have special tools that allow us to cut the ring in a straight perpendicular line unlike a bolt cutter which leaves the ring with two sharp ends which must be cut off when the ring is resized leading to more work and expense.

It's important to make sure you're able to remove your rings on a regular basis and equally important to have them sized when they get too tight. Besides it is a very good idea to have your rings cleaned and inspected every six months to catch any wear.

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