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Sunday, April 01, 2012
Why Do We Broker Some Jewelry?
Why do we broker some jewelry? 1860'sRingWith everyone selling gold and silver these days, we occasionally get a piece that we won’t make an offer on and instead offer to broker it.

Why do we do this? Partly, we do it to get you a better price for an item, and partly because we hate to see some pieces just melted down. We broker an item by taking the jewelry to multiple estate buyers and returning with the item and the best offer. These are companies that buy for reselling an item rather than scrapping the jewelry for metal content. Since we have a definite offer on an item that is over scrap v...

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011
Refining and Recycling Gold
Refining and Recycling Gold GoldBuying-Postcard

Beware of national companies buying gold! Television and online reports have found that a number of these companies are paying much lower for gold than many local jewelers, even the ones that claim to “own” their refineries. A local retail jeweler from Massachusetts sent gold to one of these nationally advertised companies. He received a check for $18.73. I would have offered $84 for the same amount of gold.

Pharaoh’s Gold
A legend suggests that there is a little Pharaoh’s gold in every piece of jewelry; that is, gold from thousands ...

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